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Test Suspension Legal Injectable Steroid , Muscle Building Anabolic Steroid


Description :


Test suspension becomes active only one hour after it is injected. Suspension increases strength and aggressiveness at a rapid rate and muscle mass gains are relatively quick with its use - superior to other steroid. Test suspension is able to increase glycogen storage in muscle tissue - increases in hardness, vascularity, and overall condition are possible while using test suspension depending on your diet and what your goals are, as well as what drug suspension is being stacked with. Since suspension is a very potent steroid, it is normally used for bulking purposes.

Test suspension is a more advanced steroid to use since the frequency of injections is greater to maximize its potential benefits. This is much like propionate, and it is also similar in the way that injections hurt more than other steroid. If a first cycle is what you are looking for, a superior choice would be a long acting, single ester steroid such as test enanthate or test cypionate. With these drug, a less frequent injection schedule can be used while keeping blood levels stable and seeing excellent results. Injections of those drug are also generally less painful, which is another reason the first time user would find either of them to be a more attractive choice.

Test suspension is unlike the other forms of test enanthate because it has no ester attached. As a result, the total weight is pure free based test Enanthate because ester weight does not need to be taken into consideration. Under normal circumstances, ester weight needs to be subtracted from total weight to get the weight of the free based test Enanthate in the agent. For example, sust 250 contains 188 mg of free based test Enanthate per 250 mg solution. Since suspension is pure test, it is the most powerful test Enanthate gram for gram (since ester weight is not a factor). As a result, suspension is very powerful steroid.

Suspension does not go directly into the blood. However, when it does go into the blood it releases quickly and delivers very high peak doses. Since it is a short acting agent, it must be injected every day or at the least every other day for maximum effect. If an injection schedule less frequent than that is performed, the user risks not maximizing the effects of the steroid which will naturally result in less overall muscle mass and strength gains. Certainly not desirable for the enhanced athlete.

Since suspension is solely free based test enanthate, it can be used in lower quantities than its esterified counterparts since there is no need to compensate for ester weight. However, generally speaking, suspension is used in the same quantities as other esterified test Enanthate and as a result yields very dramatic results. If used in this manner or stacked with an oral steroid such as dianabol, the user should not be surprised with dramatic gains in muscle mass over the duration of the cycle.

Along with gains in muscle mass, increased levels of water retention and bloat can be seen while using test enanthate suspension. Risks of estrogen related side effects such as gynecomastia are certainly a real possibility, and the suspension using athlete should be familiar with ancillary drug such as nolvadex and clomid in case symptoms of gyno arise. Suspension is highly androgenic as well as being highly anabolic and as a result, prostate hypertrophy (size increase), facial and body hair increases and deepening of the voice are possible side effects from its use. Suspension is normally used for bulking, but like any test enanthate can be used for cutting if stacked with the appropriate agents. Spot injections are popular with suspension (as well as winny since it is said to cause localized growth. For example, a biceps site injection using suspension is said to increase the overall size. It is slightly less painful to inject than winny or propionate but is still somewhat painful and the user should be prepared for some discomfort. Site injections are sometimes painful and whether or not they actually work is still a heatly debated topic. Regardless of where you inject the suspension, you will make gains off it, even if not the localized type (providing a good diet and training regiment are utilized).


Test Suspension Profile:

Formula: C27 H40 O3
Molecular Weight: 412.6112
Molecular Weight: 288.429
Formula: C19 H28 O2
Melting Point: 155
Effective Dose (Men): 25-100mg every other to every day
Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended
Active life:+/- 24 hours
Detection Time: +/- 24-48 hours
Anabolic/Androgenic ratio:100/100.





White   Powder.


Analysis   Standard





Storage   conditions



Specific   Rotation



Chromatography Purity



Melting point

153 ~ 157¡æ


Organic Volatile Impurities



Loss On Drying



Residue On Ignition








Test Suspension Functions & Traits :


Test Suspension is a pure ester free synthetic test enanthate compound that is normally suspended in water. Most injectable anabolic steroid are suspended in oil and oil based Suspension can be found but water base is far more common. As there is no ester attached to Test Suspension, this means there is no ester to take up any mass in the compound, there by increasing its potency on a per milligram basis. When we examine an anabolic steroid on the basis of its concentrated potency, we commonly have to take into consideration the mass of the ester. For example, Test Propionate will carry more active test Enanthate on a per milligram basis than Test Cypionate due to the Cypionate ester taking up more mass in the compound than the Propionate ester. This is why you will commonly see Propionate doses to be a little lower than Cypionate doses. But with Test Suspension, as there's no ester there's no interference with the concentration. The following chart should help you understand this principle:



Active Test

Test Suspension


100mg per 100mg

Test Propionate


83.72mg per 100mg

Test Cypionate


69.90mg per 100mg

As a pure test enanthate compound Test Suspension like all test enanthate compounds carries an anabolic rating of 100 and an androgenic rating of 100 as well. It is this rating system, that of test Enanthate which all ratings of all anabolic steroid are measured. While carrying a 100 rating in both categories on a structural basis, its translating functional nature matches up perfectly. This is important as it's not always the case with all anabolic steroid. For example, the anabolic steroid Halotestin (Fluoxymesteron) carries a massive anabolic rating of 1,900 but displays almost no anabolic effects. Then there are steroid like Deca Duraboling  that carries an androgenic rating of only 37 but commonly results in androgenic characteristics far beyond what its rating implies. This discrepancy issue does not exist with Test Suspension. The hormone will be powerfully anabolic and androgenic just as its ratings imply.

As a raw test enanthate this makes Test Suspension suitable for treating androgen deficiencies like low test Enanthate. It will not do a better job than other test Enanthate compounds and can actually be a little annoying on the basis of frequent injection; however, it can improve related low level symptoms faster than any other test Enanthate form. If you're wondering how Test Suspension can fix low test it's really rather simple. Test represents the primary male androgen and is essential to our health and wellbeing. Women also need test and essentially so but not near the amount of their male counterparts. Regardless, man or woman when test levels fall the only thing that will remedy the problem is test, and that's exactly what Test Suspension is. This is not to say women should use this anabolic steroid to treat this condition, in fact they should not due to strong virilization effects. There are other test compounds that will be far easier for women to control.

If you suffer from low test enanthate, the condition can come with numerous symptoms. Normally the individual will only display a few symptoms, normally 2-3 but if ignored symptoms will commonly begin to slowly mount up. They will not be life threatening but they can severely diminish your overall quality of life. Further, if continually ignored this very unhealthy condition can contribute to numerous far more serious conditions in a somewhat of a gateway capacity. Common symptoms of low test Enanthate include.

·   Loss of Libido (can refer to partial or total loss)

·   Erectile Dysfunction (inability to maintain or obtain and erection)

·   Loss of Muscle Mass (despite diet & exercise)

o  Loss of Strength (despite diet & exercise)

o  Increased Body Fat (despite diet & exercise)

o  Loss of Mental Clarity

o  Decreased Ability to Focus

o  Lethargy

o  Insomnia

o  Irritability

o  Decreased Energy

o  Depression

o  Weakened Immune System

If the condition is ignored, low test enanthate can aid in the promotion of the following conditions:

·   Alzheimer's Disease

·   Diabetes

·   Osteoporosis

·   Infertility

·   Polyuria

·   Anxiety

·   Heart Disease

Although it can be used to treat low test enanthate, Test Suspension is rarely used for that purpose any longer, especially in the U.S. However, some doctors will initiate therapy with this version on a specific patient-by-patient basis.

Treating low test enanthate represents the primary general functioning trait of Test Suspension but it is the traits and functions provided by high levels of the hormone that are of a particular interest to most. Here we're referring to supraphysiological doses of test Enanthate. Here we are referring to performance enhancement. With supraphysiological doses the individual will notice improvements in all the areas of his life that improved for a low level patient. However, high levels of test enanthate will provide enhancements in five key areas of performance and represent five primary anabolic steroid traits. By supplementing with supraphysiological doses of Test Suspension, the following can be obtained:

[1] Enhanced Protein Synthesis:

Protein is the building block of muscle and synthesis refers to the rate by which cells build proteins. With this enhancement the anabolic atmosphere is enhanced, recovery is improved and more progress is made.

[2] Enhanced Nitrogen Retention:

All lean muscle tissue is comprised of approximately 16% nitrogen. When nitrogen levels fall this can lead to a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. Conversely, the more nitrogen we retain the greater our anabolic atmosphere remains. This can be invaluable not only in periods of growth but preservation as well.

[3] Increased Red Blood Cell Count:

Red blood cells carry oxygen to and through the blood. An increased red blood cell count results in greater blood oxygenation in turn resulting in enhanced muscular endurance. It will also play an intrinsic role in recovery.

[4] Increased IGF-1 Output:

Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is a powerful protein based hormone naturally produced by all human beings that is closely tied to another naturally produced hormone in Human Growth Hormone

(HGH). IGF-1 is extremely anabolic, imperative to recovery, repair and physical rejuvenation and affects nearly every last cell in the human body. It's not too hard to see how increased levels of IGF-1 would benefit the individual.

[5] Inhibition of Glucocorticoid Hormones:

Glucocorticoids are in many ways the exact opposite of anabolic steroid. These hormones often referred to as stress hormones are essential to our health but in very minimal amounts. These hormones can destroy muscle tissue and promote fat gain. The most well known glucocorticoid is cortisol. High test enanthate levels, such as through Test Suspension will ensure glucocorticoid hormones do not become dominant in the body.


Test Suspension (TNE - water based) Recipe


Hey guys, haven't been around in a while. PB has been kicking my ass to get back over here and start posting again. LOL

Anyway, I have been messing around with this recipe lately and finally got it perfect, just like the winny recipe, but with BB instead. I found that the PEG solution was crashing in the syringe to fast, so I changed it. Actually, even the BB was crashing which is why I changed it to do only 1ml at a time. This is almost identical to DougE's (and similar to a guy's recipe I tried on Bolex)recipe for winny in the recipe book sticky, but a bit different. Here it is:

Water-Based Test Suspension

2g Test Base
~14.25ml Bac Water
.6ml BA
.4ml Polysorbate 80
4ml BB

1. Add Bacteriostatic water to a sterile 20ml vial.
2. Add test base, BA, ps80, and 2ml BB to a beaker. Heat until clear (note - test base has a very high melting point so if it smokes a bit its OK)
3. Let test base cool a bit
4. Draw up solution in a 5cc syringe. Attach a .45 syringe filter to the 5cc syringe and filter into the Bac water in the vial. Do this quickly so the test base doesn't have time to cool in the water. The test base will titrate out of the solution. IMPORTANT - Only filter 1cc at a time as to not let the base crash in the syringe.... VERY IMPORTANT!!
5. Swirl gently until mixed and then shake the shit out of it.
6. Purge the filter with 2ml of BB, shake and swirl.

This will yield 20ml of micronized water based test suspension at 100mg/ml


Professional Manufacture : We are genuine and legit pharmaceutical manufacturer, all products are produced under GMP conditions according to Standard Operation Procedure(SOP), not from little underground labs or black markets, so the quality is guaranteed.


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Test enanthate Suspension Injectable Steroid

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