About HiSupplier
HiSupplier.com is one of the world's most unique supplier sharing platform, bringing together qualified suppliers to a single resource sharing site. Our database covers 26 specific industries with over 1,000 sub-categories. The site also offers a variety of customized tools which aid in the search for the right supplier.
HiSupplier.com was founded by HiSupplier Network Technology. And for the past 10 years, we have invested a vast amount of resources to promote oversea suppliers. We pride ourselves in finding innovative ways to tackle todays sourcing challenges.
HiSupplier’s vision is to make global trade easier. We have cooperated with SGS and BV, two internationally renowned third-party auditing agencies to launch Verified Supplier Services.
Recently, we set up a new sample showroom in the US.  What on display are a variety of products offered by our suppliers in order to showcase their capabilities ,and offer customers a chance to see the goods in person.
For Buyers
  • Provide a e-commerce platform to choose quality suppliers;
  • Human services, help buyers who have special needs to find suppliers;
  • To provide supplier credit investigation, collection of funds, supervision shipping and other services to make up for the credit risk;
  • Demonstrating both online and offline, more detailed product information, which can reduce procurement costs and improve effectiveness;
  • More secure after-sell service
Contact Us
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