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Security measures

As a leading provider of online business services, HiSupplier.com adopts a firm commitment to ensuring information security and safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality of our customers' information.

Our IT infrastructure is designed to comply with industry-accepted security best practices. All our systems are hosted in world-class secured data center facilities and provide for secured access control to limit the potential for abuse by unauthorized third parties.

Such control involves authentication by means of usernames and passwords before information can be accessed. The authentication is further protected while being transmitted over unsecured public networks using industry-standard encryption algorithms known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

We also proactively review the security of our online solutions against new threats to ensure that they are resilient against abuse by hackers to garner information about our customers.

Within HiSupplier.com, there are strict protocols and procedures to limit the types of information that can be accessed by employees. This is reinforced by round-the-clock monitoring of our services to ensure that any suspected abuse is immediately reported and rectified.