R2714ZD18H R2714ZD18J R2714ZD18K R3370ZC10C R3370ZC10D R3370ZC10E, Westcode Thyristor, SCR, In Stock, In Sell

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Basic Info.
  • Brand Name: Westcode 
  • Model No.: R2714ZD18H R2714ZD18J R2714ZD18K R3370ZC10C 
  • Place of Origin: Beijing  
  • Min.Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
Supply Capacity
  • Production Capacity: 99
  • Packing:New&Original Pack
  • Delivery Date: 7
We have a full range of models and adequate inventory!
The NEW and ORIGINAL FACTORY PACKING Westcode Moudles can be promised!

If there is no satisfactory models to you,
Please let me know!

Email:abbdrivers at foxmail.com
MSN:mawei2009 at hotmail.com

WESTCODE Thyristor
N0194WC120 N0194WC160 N0255WC120 N0255WC160 N0339WC120 N0339WC160
N0392WC120 N0392WC160 N0491WC020 N0491WC080 N0606YS200 N0606YS240
N0616LC400 N0616LC450 N0634LC380 N0634LC420 N0646LC300 N0646LC360
N0676YS120 N0676YS180 N0676YS200 N0734YS120 N0734YS160 N0782YS120
N0782YS140 N0882NC400 N0882NC450 N0910LS200 N0910LS260 N0992YS020
N0992YS060 N1010NC300 N1010NC380 N1042LS120 N1042LS180 N1114LS120
N1114LS160 N1114LS180 N1132NC300 N1132NC320 N1159NC380 N1159NC420
N1265LS120 N1265LS150 N1297NS200 N1297NS260 N1351VC400 N1351VC450
N1351VD400 N1351VD450 N1467NS200 N1467NS260 N1479NS240 N1479NS300
N1547NS160 N1547NS200 N1588NS200 N1588NS260 N1661VC300 N1661VC360
N1661VD300 N1661VD360 N1712VC240 N1712VC300 N1712VD240 N1712VD300
N1718NS120 N1718NS180 N1802NS120 N1802NS160 N2046NS120 N2046NS160
N2086NS060 N2086NS100 N2293VC180 N2293VC220 N2293VD180 N2293VD220
N2418ZC300 N2418ZC360 N2418ZD300 N2418ZD360 N2500VC120 N2500VC160
R2714ZD18HR2714ZD18JR2714ZD18KR3370ZC10CR3370ZC10DR3370ZC10E, Westcode Thyristor, SCR, In Stock, In SellR2714ZD18HR2714ZD18JR2714ZD18KR3370ZC10CR3370ZC10DR3370ZC10E, Westcode Thyristor, SCR, In Stock, In SellR2714ZD18HR2714ZD18JR2714ZD18KR3370ZC10CR3370ZC10DR3370ZC10E, Westcode Thyristor, SCR, In Stock, In Sell
N2500VD120 N2500VD160 N2543ZC240 N2543ZC300 N2543ZD240 N2543ZD300
N3012ZC200 N3012ZC260 N3012ZD200 N3012ZD260 N3476TC360 N3476TC420
N3476TD360 N3476TD420 N3533ZC140 N3533ZC200 N3533ZC220 N3533ZD140
N3533ZC200 N3533ZD220 N3839TC300 N3839TC350 N3839TD300 N3839TD350
N4085ZC080 N4085ZC120 N4085ZD080 N4085ZD120 N4151FC360 N4151FC420
N4400TC120 N4400TC220 N4400TC280 N4400TD120 N4400TD220 N4400TD280
N4803FC300 N4803FC350 N5177FC200 N5177FC280 N5946FC180 N5946FC220
N086CH12 N086CH16 N105CH12 N105CH16 N170CH12 N170CH16 N195CH12   N195CH16 N275CH02 N275CH08 N282SH20 N282SH24 N255CH40 N255CH45 N257CH38 N257CH42 N260CH30 N260CH36 N281SH12 N281SH18 N281SH20   N280SH12 N280SH16 N283SH12 N283SH14 N320CH40 N320CH45 N330SH20   N330SH26 N310SH02 N310SH06 N360CH30 N360CH38 N350SH12 N350SH18   N370SH12 N370SH18 N390CH30 N390CH32 N500CH38 N500CH42 N520SH12 N520SH15 N450SH20 N450SH26 N560CH40 N560CH45 N560DH40 N560DH45   N490SH20 N490SH26 N620SH24 N620SH30 N510SH16 N510SH20 N680SH20   N680SH26 N630CH30 N630CH36 N640CH24 N640CH30 N540SH12 N540SH18 N600SH12 N600SH16 N740SH12 N740SH16 N610SH06 N610SH10 N760CH18   N760CH22 N850CH30 N850CH36 N990CH12 N990CH16 N880CH24 N880CH30   N900CH20 N900CH26 N1463CH36 N1463CH42 N1463CH42 N1463DH36 N1463DH42 N1400CH14 N1400CH20 N1400CH22 N1663CH30 N1663CH35 N1663DH30 N1663DH35 N1600CH08 N1600CH12 N1483CH36 N1483CH42 N1863CH12 N1863CH22 N1863CH28 N1863DH12 N1863DH22 N1863DH28 N1683CH30 N1683CH35 N1883CH20 N1883CH28 N1983CH18 N1983CH22 N0194WC120 N0194WC160 N0255WC120 N0255WC160 N0339WC120 N0339WC160 N0392WC120 N0392WC160 N0491WC020 N0491WC080 N0606YS200 N0606YS240 N0616LC400 N0616LC450 N0634LC380 N0634LC420 N0646LC300 N1114LS120 N1114LS140 N1114LS160 N1114LS180 N0339WC120-160
N170CH12-16 N0392WC120-160 N195CH12-16 N0491WC020-080 N275CH02-08    N0606YS20-25 N282CH20-25 N0676YS120-180 NN281CH12-18 N0734YS120-160    N280CH12-16 N0782YS120-140 N283CH12-14 N0992YS020-060 N310CH02-06 N0616LC400-450 N255CH36-45 N0634LC260-420 N257CH26-42 N0646LC300-360   N260CH30-36 N0910LS200-260 N330CH12-18 N1042LS120-180 N350CH12-18    N1114LS120-180 N370CH12-18 N1265LS120-160 N520CH12-16 N0882NC400-450 N320CH40-45 N2418ZC300-360 N850CH30-36 N1010NC300-380 N360CH30-38    N1132NC300-320 N390CH30-32 N1297NS200-260 N450CH20-26
N1467NS200-260 N490CH20-26 N1547NS160-200 N510CH16-20 N1718NS120-180   N540CH12-18 N1802NS120-160 N600CH12-16 N2086NS060-100 N610CH06-10   N1159NC380-420 N500CH30-42 N1314NC300-360 N570CH30-36 N1588NS200-260 N680CH20-26 N2046NS120-160 N740CH12-16 N1351VC400-450 N560CH40-45   N1661VC300-360 N630CH30-36 N1712VC300-360 N640CH24-30 N2293VC180-220 N760CH18-22 N2500VC120-160 N990CH12-16 N2172ZC400-450 N750CH40-45    N2543ZC240-300 N880CH24-30 N3012ZC200-260 N900CH20-26 N3533ZC140-200   N1400CH02-20 N4085ZC080-120 N1600CH08-12 N3476TC360-420 N1463CH36-42   N3839TC300-350 N1663CH30-35 N4400TC200-280 N1863CH20-28 N4151FC360-420 N1483CH36-42 N0646LC360     

N170CH12-16 N195CH12-16 N275CH02-08 N282CH20-25 N281CH12-18
N280CH12-16 N283CH12-14 N310CH02-06 N255CH36-45 N257CH26-42
N260CH30-36 N330CH20-26 N350CH12-18 N370CH12-18 N520CH12-16
N320CH40-45 N360CH30-38 N390CH30-32 N450CH20-26 N490CH20-26
N510CH16-20 N540CH12-18 N600CH12-16 N610CH06-10 N500CH30-42
N570CH30-36 N680CH20-26 N740CH12-16 N560CH40-45 N630CH30-36
N640CH24-30 N760CH18-22 N990CH12-16 N750CH40-45 N850CH30-36
N880CH24-30 N900CH20-26 N1400CH02-20 N1600CH08-12 N1463CH36-42 N1663CH30-35 N1863CH20-28 N1483CH36-42 N1683CH29-35 N1883CH20-28 N1983CH18-22

R0487YS10D R0487YS10E R0487YS10F R0487YS14D R0487YS14E R0487YS14F
R0577YS08C R0577YS08D R0577YS08E R0577YS12C R0577YS12D R0577YS12E
R0633YS08D R0633YS08E R0633YS08F R0633YS12E R0633YS12F R0809LS06A R0809LS06B R0809LS06C R0809LS10A R0809LS10B R0809LS10C R0830LS10D R0830LS10E R0830LS10F R0830LS10G R0830LS14D R0830LS14E R0830LS14F R0830LS14G R0878LS16L R0878LS16M R0878LS21K R0878LS21L R0878LS21M R0929LS08C R0929LS08D R0929LS08E R0929LS12C R0929LS12D R0929LS12E R0964LS08D R0964LS08E R0964LS08F R0964LS12D R0964LS12E R0964LS12F R0990LS04A R0990LS04B R0990LS04C R0990LS08A R0990LS08B R0990LS08C R1127NC32R R1127NC32S R1127NC32T R112736S R1127NC36T R1158NS24N R1158NS24P R1158NS26N R1158NS26P R1178NS10E R1178NS10F R1178NS10G R1178NS14E R1178NS14F R1178NS14G R1211NS08D R1211NS08E R1211NS12D R1211NS12E R1271NS08D R1271NS08E R1271NS08G R1271NS12D R1271NS12E R1271NS12G R1275NS14L R1275NS14M R1275NS18L R1275NS18M R1275NS21L R1275NS21M R1279NS22K R1279NS22M R1279NS25K R1279NS25M R1280NS18K R1280NS18M R1280NS21K R1280NS21M R1280NS25K R1280NS25M R1331NS10B R1331NS10C R1331NS10D R1331NS12B R1331NS12C R1331NS12D R1446NS08E R1446NS08F R1446NS08G R1446NS12E R1446NS12F R1446NS12G R1448NS14H R1448NS14J R1448NS14L R1448NS18H R1448NS18J R1448NS18L R1448NS20H R1448NS20J R1448NS20L R2475ZC20N R2475ZC28N R2475ZD20N R2475ZD28N R2619ZC18J R2619ZC18K R2619ZC18L R2619ZC21J R2619ZC21K R2619ZC21L R2619ZC25J R2619ZC25K R2619ZC25L R2619ZD18J R2619ZD18K R2619ZD18L R2619ZD21J R2619ZD21K R2619ZD21L R2619ZD25J R2619ZD25K R2619ZD25L R2620ZC22J R2620ZC22K R2620ZC22L R2620ZC25J R2620ZC25K R2620ZC25L R2620ZD25J R2620ZD25K R2620ZD25L R2714ZC16H R2714ZC16J R2714ZC16K
R2714ZC18H R2714ZC18J R2714ZC18K R2714ZD16H R2714ZD16J R2714ZD16K R2714ZD18H
R2714ZD18HR2714ZD18JR2714ZD18KR3370ZC10CR3370ZC10DR3370ZC10E, Westcode Thyristor, SCR, In Stock, In SellR2714ZD18HR2714ZD18JR2714ZD18KR3370ZC10CR3370ZC10DR3370ZC10E, Westcode Thyristor, SCR, In Stock, In SellR2714ZD18HR2714ZD18JR2714ZD18KR3370ZC10CR3370ZC10DR3370ZC10E, Westcode Thyristor, SCR, In Stock, In Sell
R2714ZD18J R2714ZD18K R3370ZC10C R3370ZC10D R3370ZC10E R3370ZC12C R3370ZC12D R3370ZC12E R3370ZD10C R3370ZD10D R3370ZD10E R3370ZD12C R3370ZD12D R3370ZD12E R3047TC24N R3047TC24R R3047TC24T R3047TC28N R3047TC28R R3047TC28T R3559TC16K R3559TC16N R3559TC16R R3559TC16T R3559TC20K R3559TC20N R3559TC20R R3559TC20T R3559TD16K R3559TD16N R3559TD16R R3559TD16T R3559TD20K R3559TD20N R3559TD20R R3559TD20T R3708FC40V R3708FC40W R3708FC45V R3708FC45W RX075FD24R RX075FD24T RX075FD28R RX075FD28T RX075FC24R RX075FC24T RX075FC28R RX075FC28T R210SH10 R210SH14 R185SH08 R185SH12 R216SH08 R216SH12 R180SH06 R180SH10 R190SH10 R190SH14 R200SH16 R200SH21 R219SH08 R219SH12
R220SH08 R220SH12 R270SH04 R270SH08 DD315CH32 D315CH36 D350SH24 D350SH26 R325SH10 R325SH14 R350SH08 R350SH12 R355SH08 R355SH12 R355CH12 R395SH14 R395SH18 R395SH21 D391SH22 D391SH25 D390SH18D390SH21 D390SH25 D450SH10 D450SH12 R400SH08 R400SH12 D405SH14 D405SH18R500CH20 R500CH28 R500DH20 R500DH28 R600CH18 R600CH20 R600CH21 R600CH25 R610CH22 R610CH25 R800CH16 R800CH18 R1200CH10 R1200CH12 R1863CH24 R1863CH28 R1863DH24 R1863DH28 R1966CH16 R1966CH20 R1966DH16 R1966DH20 R1386CH40 R1386CH45 R355CH12FLO R355CH12FMD R355CH12FJO R355CH12FKO R355CH12FMO R355CH12FMOMP R355CH12FNOA2W R355CH12SLOA2W D2201N45TS01 P0295WC12D P0295WC12E P0295WC12F P0327WC12D P0327WC12E P0327WC12F P0366WC04A P0366WC04B P0366WC04C P0366WC08A P0366WC08B P0366WC08C P0367WC12E P0367WC12F P0367WC12G P0389WC04C P0389WC04D P0389WC08C P0389WC08D P0515WC04B P0515WC04C P0515WC04D P0515WC06B P0515WC06C P0515WC06D P0848YS04B P0848YS04C P0848YS04D P0848YS06B P0848YS06C P0848YS06D P1007LS12D P1007LS12E P1007LS12F P200CH12 P202CH12 P214CH04 P214CH08 P205CH12 P215CH04 P215CH08 P270CH04 P270CH06 P280SH04 P280SH06 P300SH12

R SERIES Distributed Gate Thyristors:
R210SH10-12 R185SH08-12 R216SH08-12 R181SH14-16 R175SH20-25
R180SH06-10 R190SH10-14 R200SH16-21 R219SH08-12 R220SH08-12
R270SH04-08 D315CH32-36 R305SH14-21 D350SH24-26 R350SH08-12
R325SH10-14 R355SH08-12 R395SH14-21 D391SH22-25 D390SH18-25
D450SH10-12 R400SH08-12 D405SH14-20 R500CH20-28 R600CH18-25
R610CH22-25 R800CH16-18 R1200CH10-12 R1863CH24-28 R1966CH16-20

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