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Gold Membership

Gold Membership is premium membership especially for export-oriented suppliers. Gold Members will have a mark under the company name and on their company website. With a Gold Membership you can have:

Professional recommendation and optimization of Keywords

The keywords you enter on the platform will directly affect the promotional effectiveness and only those professional purchasers will use precise keywords to search. HiSupplier.com can automatically recommend you the interrelated keywords by system according to the product name you provide, which can make the keywords more professional and plentiful. Meanwhile these keywords will be optimized to international search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and so on.

Generate Google Sitemap

Google sitemap is very important for the optimization of websites on Google, the GoldSite of HiSupplier.com have the sitemap automatically generated by system which can make the sites be indexed faster and more completely by Google.

Generate company website

In China traditional e-commerce platforms are widespread now, and in the market the good ones and bad ones are intermingled. HiSupplier.com possesses perfect platform system and thinks out the solution of combining the e-commerce platform with company websites. GoldSites on HiSupplier.com can have automatically generated company websites with optimization function, which can strengthen the promotional effectiveness.

Membership Gold Membership
Features Product 16
Product 800
Offer 1000
Optimized Product 800
Encrypted Product 100
Video 10

Free Membership

For Buyers

Membership is completely free for buyers on HiSupplier.com. With a free Membership you can:
a) Search all the products, suppliers, offers with powerful searching tools on HiSupplier.com
b) Browse product list and inquire directly to suppliers
c) Post free buy offer
d) Subscribe trade alert

For Sellers

With a free Membership you can:
a) Search all the buyers and offers with powerful searching tools on HiSupplier.com
b) Inquiry directly to buyers
c) Post product information
d) Subscribe trade alert
e) Quantity limitation as bellow:

Membership Free Membership
Features Product 8
Product 800
Offer 1000
Optimized Product 10
Encrypted Product 50
Video 0